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10th February 2010
Renishaw company grants new Bluetooth wireless Ballbar QC20 to LAMMB systems s.r.o. for testing in operating conditions by its customers. Our company keeps at disposal another the most modern equipment for diagnostic and measurement of CNC tool machines and for preparing of case study for company Renishaw.
13th November 2009
Our company succesfully restored certificate authenticity ISO 9001 : 2008 for all activity related with diagnostic of CNC tool machines, service and machine repairs.
17th April 2007
We offer calibration of rotary axes by the Renishaw RX 10 system, which in connection with the Renishaw ML10 interferometer enables calibration of any swivelling angle of the rotary axis. The calibration can be carried out in automatic cycle – similar to measurement of position precision. The RX 10 table automatically monitors the axis motion and – by slight turning in the opposite direction – keeps the permanent measuring position of the measuring optical devices. Precision of ± 1 angle second is reached at measurement of rotary axes.

Offer of laboratory and tribo-technical services

Within the care for the fixed assets of the company we submit a suggested system of tribo-technical inspection to you, which is designed for proactive maintenance of units of operation technical equipment with follow-up check of lubricants used. The essence of this information is the maintenance management in the sense of technical measures suggested based on analyses of samples of operated oil fillings in mentioned operated units including transmission nodes of the operated devices at production units of operations. We carry out receiving inspections of lubricants and greases including fuels.

Based on the samples taken and delivered we will be able to carry out inspection of the state of oil fillings using objective methodologies according to valid standards and generally accepted methods. We carry out monitoring of states of lubricants which is to be a basis for directed exchange of oil fillings in the sense of stating the possible courses or exchanges. In this way you can reach the optimum functionality and economic use of lubricants of monitored mechanisms. Furthermore, you will reach high operation reliability with certain reduced wear and tear of individual mechanical nodes. The system is focused on reduced cost of repairs and consumed spare parts. The tribo-technical services will monitor undesired influences of critical lubrication including degradation of oil fillings a technological liquids.

The subject-matter of our offer is as follows:

  • Inspection of state of gear oils including wear of friction couples
  • Inspection of state of motor oils including wear of friction couples
  • Inspection of state of hydraulic oils
  • Inspection of state of turbine oils
  • Inspection of state of technical liquids
  • Inspection of state of electric insulating oils including gas chromatography
  • For machines and equipment operating under extreme conditions we carry out laboratory production of PTFE additives
  • Vibration diagnostics suggested based on tribo-technical tests
  • Suggestion of technical measures
  • Examination and repairs of pressure gauges (manometers)


Offer of additional additives to oils and plastic greases

Based on analyses of delivered or taken samples we carry out suggestion of application to the additives mentioned below. The form of additives is carried out according to user needs, especially at increased wearing of module parts of gear including the bearing (seating).

PTFE – polytetrafluorethylen

It is a steady mass which is able to eliminate lubricant leakage depositing itself to exposed parts. It modifies viscosity at higher thermal load. It is mostly applied to the above mentioned machine parts – gear nodes, rolling-contact bearings and friction bearings; in granulation 5 – 15 μm it is applied to the oil mass or to plastic greases. For a given application it is usual to use the kind of lubricant that had been already used within the systems before. The concentrates of PTFE (10%) are applied to more viscose oils up to the 00 consistency degree. It is also applied to plastic greases of consistency degree 1 – 3 NLGI. For PTFE additives for gearboxes and distribution parts: 450 CZK/litre of 10% concentrate; when own lubricant is delivered its price is to be deducted; intended for addition of 50 – 150 litres of operated filling of additives in consistency 00 – 3 NLGI

Molecular additives – polarized lubricants – Dura Lube - Prolong

Usage: at operation units with higher stress; it creates resistant layer with a bond to the surface structure of metal crystal. It reduces coefficient of friction and prevents wearing even at so called critical lubrication. It preserves wear and tear states. The above mentioned additive cannot be combined with PTFE. It can be used both in industry and in transport (motors, gearboxes). It reduces noise efficiently, which is a provable reduction of limiting resistance. It is very efficient in groups of cylinders of combustion engines and compressors. This additive significantly reduces power and fuel consumption.

  • for molecular additive for gearboxes (Prolong) US: 400 CZK/litre of the concentrate; intended for additive in proportional quantity 1–5 %
  • for molecular additive for motors ( Dura Lube ) US: 850 CZK/237 ml; intended for additive in proportional quantity 1–5 %
  • for plastic molecular grease for extremely stressed pivots and homokinetic journals: 460,- CZK/kg; intended for addition to the operated filling of additives in consistency 00–2 NLGI

The above mentioned additives will be suggested in case of critical wearing found out at laboratory analyses. Tribo-technical laboratory carries out their mixing based on the user needs.