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10th February 2010
Renishaw company grants new Bluetooth wireless Ballbar QC20 to LAMMB systems s.r.o. for testing in operating conditions by its customers. Our company keeps at disposal another the most modern equipment for diagnostic and measurement of CNC tool machines and for preparing of case study for company Renishaw.
13th November 2009
Our company succesfully restored certificate authenticity ISO 9001 : 2008 for all activity related with diagnostic of CNC tool machines, service and machine repairs.
17th April 2007
We offer calibration of rotary axes by the Renishaw RX 10 system, which in connection with the Renishaw ML10 interferometer enables calibration of any swivelling angle of the rotary axis. The calibration can be carried out in automatic cycle – similar to measurement of position precision. The RX 10 table automatically monitors the axis motion and – by slight turning in the opposite direction – keeps the permanent measuring position of the measuring optical devices. Precision of ± 1 angle second is reached at measurement of rotary axes.


to pages of LAMMB company (Laser Adjustment & Measurement of Machine Bases). We are a company dealing with measurement of geometry, adjustment (setting-up) and repairs of machine tools and production machines. We provide vibration diagnostics, operation balancing, setting of machines, motors and rotary parts as well as tribo-technical service.

Solutions we offer:

Measurement of geometry, adjustment (setting-up) of machine tools and production machines

We diagnose causes and defects of machine tools quickly and exactly. We monitor and evaluate precision of machinery. We carry out fast and detailed check of machine tools without any special requirements for preparation. We carry out dynamic tests of circular interpolation with CNC machine tools for detection of problems during profile turning and for preventive precision tracking. We measure and calibrate linear and rotary measuring systems using laser.

Vibration diagnostics and operation balancing

Wear monitoring of machinery rotary components, operation balancing. Diagnostics of state of machine tools spindle bearings. Assessment of vibration power of machines according to valid standards.

Setting of machines, motors and rotary parts

LAMMB engineers and technicians form a specialised centre for setting of machines. The company provides services at setting of various machines and equipment in a wide range from machine tools, generators, pumps and compressors to shaft drives.

Repair of spindles, tool turrets and chucking heads

We provide overhaul repairs of spindles, toll and chucking heads. Besides replacement of all dammaged components, spindle repairs include also balancing and running in the spindle.

Service and repairs

The company is specialized in assembly (installation) and repairs of machinery. We offer services focused on correct assembly and operation of various types of machines and equipment. Our aim is to help customers with proper setting of machines, as nonalignment and geometric incongruities are frequent causes of rejects or possible machine breakdowns.

Why should you contact us?

Through direct contact you get a personal approach, a lot of useful and important information, which can help you to be better oriented or possibly the light can be thrown upon certain unclear things. We are looking forward to your telephone call or e-mail.

e-mail: lammb@lammb.cz
mobile: +420 736 605 973
telephone: +420 595 954 398
fascimile: +420 595 952 638

Business Premises:
Kotkova 192
703 00, Ostrava - Vítkovice
Czech Republic

LAMMB Systems s.r.o. is a holder of the Certificate of Quality System ISO 9001:2000